Police mugshots don’t necessarily equate to crime reports

Derek Donovan

Kansas City Star

July 8, 2012

Booking mugshots, arrest records and police blotters have been on readers’ minds a lot lately. And that makes sense because how The Kansas City Star reports on crime has always been a top concern at my lines.

I have heard a great deal of reaction to recent stories about the website Blabbermouthkc.com, the creation of Matthew Creed, 30, of Shawnee. The site, which Creed shut down last week, harvested police booking mugshots from local law enforcement websites. It posted the photographs, along with the arrestee’s personal information. Letters were then sent to the homes of the people pictured, notifying them that their photos were on display and offering to remove them for $199.99. Continue reading


Alphabet Soup: NIEM, JIEM, GJXML. What Does It All Mean by Edward Claughton

Edward Claughton
PRI Management Group
May 2012


On Slideshare

While information sharing in law enforcement isn’t (in the grand scheme of things) a new concept, it is still a new territory of understanding for many. Even with the Bureau of Justice Assistance tremendous efforts of making informational resources and training available to public safety, learning about the maze of IEDP’s, JIEM, and NIEM can be challenging for those first learning about getting law enforcement records systems to connect across the boundaries of jurisdiction and technology.   Through this brief article we’re here to help. Continue reading

Nashville Crime Stats Questioned. City Hires PRI Management Group

The City of Nashville, Tennessee has selected Police Records and Information Management Group to assist with an internal audit of the
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s crime statistics. After highly
publicized media reports questioning the department’s crime statistics were
broadcast, the Mayor of Nashville requested an audit to ensure the police
department is reporting crime correctly and producing statistics that
accurately reflect reported crimes.
This project will include an independent review of Nashville crime report
classifications, case clearances, and supervisory review procedures.
The Nashville Police Department has over 1900 employees and responds to
over 750,000 calls per year.
Police Records and Information Management Group is law enforcement’s
premier source of comprehensive integrated training and consulting
services specific to police records and technology. We specialize in
projects that include RMS implementations, records unit process
improvements, crime stat audits, and information management programs.

Contact: ed@policerecordsmanagement.com